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Dice slots are games that play like any other slot machine you may already enjoy. The only thing that keeps these games in their own category is the fact that somewhere in the game, they use these six-sided cubes as symbols on the reels. Match them, just like any other icons, and you’ll win prizes in return. Dice & Roll, by Euro Games Technology, may be a 5-reel video slot designed specifically to be played on mobile platforms such as Window's phones, but it is retro at heart with its classic fruit machine theme. Things are kept relatively simple on the bonus front too, with nothing fancier than a stretching wild symbol and a basic scatter icon.

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Super Times Pay slot review

Fans of the old one-armed bandits will enjoy the vintage look and sound of the slot machine Super Times Pay, also called Hot Roll. IGT combines the basic three-reel slot machine with an exciting craps-based bonus round to add a little modern fun to an older design.

Players will also enjoy the special wild multipliers and the frequent wins from the particularly loaded pay table. Hot Roll can definitely bring the heat.

The graphical design is fairly simple, with the game opting for a vintage look. The background is a simple blue wallpaper with the logo and floating multipliers behind it. The reels are a bright white to make the symbols stand out well.

Symbols & Appearance

Most of the symbols in the Hot Roll slot machine are basic bars and sevens, although the wild multipliers use a colorful, detailed stamp design. The bonus round dice game features some nice textured dice that do a decent rolling animation to build up a little excitement after the throw.

The sound design is also fairly basic to fit in with the vintage design. The background music during spins in the main game is just a little electronic chiptune-style track to draw the player in while the reels do their work.

Other than that, there are just simple bells and clicks in the main game. Players who make it to the bonus round can enjoy the included version of “Hot, Hot, Hot” that plays until the end of the round. It’s a nice, cute use of music to ease the tension.

Compare Game Features – Paylines – RTP

Game specs for IGT Hot Roll slot game
Type of SlotVideo Slot
Min. Bet$1
Max. Bet$1,000
Max. RTP96.07%
Max. Jackpot5000 x Bet
FeaturesWild Multipliers, Bonus Game
Free PlayYes

Super Times Pay: Core Gameplay

Hot Roll Super Times Pay features an older three-reel design with three rows. Surprisingly, there are 20 potential paylines in play for just the three reels. Players looking to spend their bankroll a little slower can choose to pay for fewer lines.

The game allows players to pay for one, five, nine, 15 or the full 20. Note that while there are three potential rows, they don’t all fill. As is common with older designs, the three rows are just a grid along which the symbols can fall.

Symbols that don’t completely fall on a payline will not trigger it. Generally, one or two symbols will be in play for each reel.

The main slots do have a few fun variations on the standard play. Note that one of the sevens is a combination seven and bar, which will trigger wins for both.

Similarly, the game includes special wild multipliers, which are the reason for the “Super Times Pay” in the title. All reels can have 2x multipliers land on them, and the middle reel has 3x, 4x and 5x mixed in too. These are really special spaces.

First, they act as wilds for bridging holes in paylines. Second, they’re multipliers for any payline that they complete. Third, they’re also special consolation scatter prizes.

If a wild multiplier doesn’t activate on a payline, it will still pay out its flat credit value for every active payline that passes through the space.

While a two credit per line payout isn’t much, getting 10 or 12 credits off of an otherwise dead spin is at least a nice surprise. The multipliers also function as the jackpot spaces, with a payline of 2x-5x-2x paying out a set 5,000x jackpot on the line bet.

One particularly interesting feature for this game is the number of potential winning lines. Players choosing to play all 20 paylines generally won’t see too many outright losses.

Single losing multipliers still pay out a sympathy prize. Any set of bars pays out 5x the line bet, and four of the five non-wild symbols are bars.

Obviously, this doesn’t cover the 20 credit bet, but it keeps the small wins of five or 10 credits coming in to extend the game and give players more time to get lucky.

Big Win Hot Roll The Dice Slot Machine

The Hot Roll bonus round

The main event in Hot Roll Super Rimes Pay is the titular Hot Roll bonus round. There’s a special space on each reel where a regular symbol is also marked as a hot roll space. If all three of these land on the same payline, then the bonus game starts.

The game itself is a nice, simple dice game. Players just roll the dice until they get a seven, which ends the game. Each number is tied to a payout on the table below the game, which is all based on multipliers on the total bet. Games to win paypal money.

Rolling a 2 or 12 earns 10x, a 3 or 11 earns 6x, 4 or 10 earns 4x, 5 or 9 earns 3x and 6 or 8 earns 2x.

Rolling a 7 is special. If it’s rolled on the first throw, then the player receives 7x their total bet and the game ends. Rolling the seven on any other turn simply ends the round with no additional rewards.

The bonus game will force a payout and end if a player manages to make 300 throws without rolling a seven.

Final thoughts

Hot Roll Super Times Pay slot machine is an interesting mixture of new and old that should appeal to a lot of players. While the art and music are kept to a minimum, the purist design at least lets players focus on the game.

The payline options and plethora of winning combinations also keep the fast gameplay from being too draining on the buy-in. Mixing in the thrill of a dice game is also a nice variation on the standard bonus game.

People looking for something with a few more bells and whistles will be disappointed, but most players will find this to be a great machine with a lot to offer.

Dice Slot Games

IGT has crafted a free-to-play online video game to take you back in the past better times, with typical layout of 3×3 with up to 20 paylines and 12 symbols. In a simple setup like this, you expect some advantages, and they are here, coming with multiplier Wilds and Scatter symbols. This slot is similar to Sherlock Holmes.

Coins & Gameplay

Super Times Pay Hot Roll slot machine game, besides free enjoyment, offers the option to switch to a real money mode and win high prizes. The bettor is allowed to change the number of variable winlines (20 of them) in not so common steps of 1; 5; 9; 15 and 20 lines per spin.

It stands to mention that this makes them semi-fixed lines. However, freedom in bet selection is better offered in bet per line, allowing the user to set it to values of 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, 25, 30 coins, consequently setting total bet in range of 1 to 900.

  • With defined betting setup, the bettor can benefit from the Autoplay inbuilt function, for a maximum of 50 swirls.
  • The Paytable is also inbuilt and easily accessible.

Super Times Pay Hot Roll Slot Jackpot

Since highest prize in Super Times Pay Hot Roll slot machine is fixed, it’s well known and could be picked up from Paytable. It is achieved when multiplying symbols align in order of 2x – 5x -2x, cashing you the total of 5000 coins!

Despite the fact that this payment doesn’t look like it’ll blow minds away, it’s well worth mentioning that it could be achieved with setting the total stake per swirl of 1 credit, which makes it even more opportunistic.


Absolute of 12 icons are circling on the screen, including:

    • 5 “regular” as a mixture of 7s, Bars, and their combination;
    • Four Wild Multipliers which pay on their own, forming the line or act as substitute for “regular” icons;
    • 3 scatters, represented as classic ones but with badge overwritten.

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Other Prizes

Hot Roll Dice Slot Game

What doesn’t makes you scream in Jackpot department, gives you more fun with smaller awards.

Super Times Pay. Multipliers can occur in multiple combinations, forming the line of their own, taking a seat in two or just one position on a win line, each one paying differently. Payments with a single multi-card are enlarged by the times of the present Wilds. Those with two of them are reproduced by the value of both received multipliers. When they form a winline of their own, prices are calculated the other way and can be read in the Info table,


Hot Roll Bonus.Scatters grant awards in 2 different ways:

      • Acts as a substitute for corresponding symbols when one or two of them occur;
      • Trigger the “Hot Roll Bonus” when they are founding a whole single winline only by themselves.

Once the bonus is activated, the bettor is greeted with full-screen animation of 2 dices burning, which opens the screen of the new additional game. The user is allowed to throw the dices for a maximum of 300 attempts and collect the wins.

Hot Roll Craps Dice Slot Machine

As there are combinations of the sums that could be got from two dices, there is a table with payments corresponding to the summations that could be developed, divided into smaller increments.

The only exception is when 7 occur, which on the first roll gives an award of 7x the total bet and ends the game. On all other tries, it just ends it and takes the player to the main menu.

Why Play Super Times Pay Hot Roll Free Slot?

As the game offers the capability to earn the Jackpot with the smallest bet of 1 coin, this slot is recommended and will be attractive to those who are willing to take only the small risks. Given the fact that the RTP rate equals to 96, 07%, it makes an even sweeter deal.