Clocking in at almost 67,000 YouTube subscribers and 30,000 Twitch followers, Rocknrolla is one of the largest names in online gambling. The British streamer is best known for his eccentric behavior, rebel attitude, and colorful choice of swear words. But there’s so much more than that to his streams and videos.

Share your videos with friends, family, and the world. The legendary Rocknrolla channel features slot, roulette, poker, and blackjack action. Videos show the experience of highs and lows of gambling. As the channel itself puts it: videos and streams related to gambling are intended for entertainment and familiarization purposes. This article was updated on October 13, 2020.

Rocknrolla’s success can be attributed to several key factors. His colorful, down-to-earth personality is undoubtedly his most important asset. The fact that the plays several types of games — rather than just focusing on roulette — helps him reach a wider audience. He also has a knack for creating intriguing video thumbnails that grab the viewers’ attention and make them want to click. Taken together, all of this is a recipe for success.

Lucky time slots on facebook. So let’s find out more about this British rebel gambler!

Road to Rockstardom

Rocknrolla registered his YouTube account back on June 10, 2008 under the name “paul3lp”. It wasn’t until October 2015 that he started uploading videos. His first video was called “HUGE poker win!!!” and was a simple gameplay screen recording without any voiceover. If you want to check it out, it can be viewed here:

Since then, the online gambler changed his name to RocknRolla, which is a reference to the 2008 Guy Ritchie thriller. Alongside this rebranding, his content has also made a tremendous leap forward in quality. Which, in turn, had an impact on his view numbers. The channel gained over 27,000,000 views. His most popular video, HUGE Roulette Loss!!!! (Part 2), has been viewed over 800,000 times. This number puts his content close in virality to such online gambling juggernauts as NG Slot.

His twitch account has almost 30,000 followers.

Road to a Rebel’s Success

As we discussed before, Rocknrolla’s success can be attributed to several factors.

The streamer/YouTuber has a colorful, trash-talking personality, which makes his content entertaining to watch. It feels almost like you’re sitting next to a fun, foul-mouthed friend as he gambles. Obviously, viewers sensitive to swearing will want to steer away from his channel. But most others will find the honesty with which he expresses his emotions refreshing. In an industry full of faked emotions, Rocknrolla’s content feels like a breath of fresh air.

Rocknrolla Slots Youtube

Having mastered the art of creating eye-catching YouTube thumbnail also doesn’t hurt. In today’s visually-driven world, it can often be mean the difference between failure and success.

The decision to play several types of games (rather than just slots, for example) has been a risky one. But it looks like it paid off for Rocknrolla and brought him a wide and loyal audience. Among other types of content, Rocknrolla has made videos on the following games:

  • Online poker
  • Table games

In addition to this, Rocknrolla is famous (or perhaps its better to say infamous) for his video blogging activities. He made several opinion videos discussing such issues as compulsive gambling and the state of today’s Twitch streaming.

Rocknrolla Net Worth & Personal Life

Rocknrolla Slots Youtube Videos

Like many online gamblers, Rocknrolla prefers to keep his private life private and does not disclose his real name. What we do know is that he is British. We also know that he is a fan of horse racing. In fact, betting on horse races seems to be a favored pastime for him:

BOOOOOOOM AGAIN!!! (small shoutout to 4thoughts haha)

— RocknRolla (@rollaaaaaa) March 12, 2020

But aside from his horse racing wins, Rocknrolla does not disclose his net worth and income.

When it comes to YouTube and Twitch, even an informed guess is hard to make. This is because platforms like Social Blade refuse to provide estimates because his videos often get demonetized. Which is a shame, because the view counts on some of his videos are high enough to bring him hundreds of dollars per video.

IgFace estimate of Rocknrolla earnings from Twitch.

As is the case with most gambling YouTubers, most of his income probably comes from affiliate deals with online casinos, as well as donations he receives on his Twitch live streams. With 66,800 YouTube and 30,000 Twitch subscribers, he definitely earns enough to make it worthwhile.

Rocknrolla also runs a popular website called The Gambling Community, which brings him additional advertising income.

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Streaming has become a popular activity in recent years with gambling enthusiasts willing to share their casino experiences with the world. This venture is not only fun to embark on, but it also comes with the potential of earning money. The most common way to earn through the pastime is through the slot games themselves.

Often, streamers play pokies for real money, which means that any awarded payouts can be withdrawn. Also, they are usually granted bonuses and promotions from online casinos as a way to get them to review games in their portfolios. Streamers also often work with affiliates that are a source of earnings as well. Here are ten slot streamers that are killing it at the venture:

Brian Christopher Slots

Brian Christopher is easily the most popular slots streamer on YouTube with close to 300,000 followers and more than 189,000,000 views on his videos.

The pokie player brings players into the world of offline gambling in actual brick and mortar casinos from across the United States and other popular locations around the world. He also plays some online slots and different casino sets like poker and Monopoly Live.

He posts new videos every day, highlighting wins and losses. Brian aims to educate viewers on how to play slot games and play for real money using stakes of between one and 100 dollars. He does not shy away from claiming bonuses as well, and has collected jackpot wins in some instances.


The Slotlady channel began in June of 2017 and is run by a lady named Sarah. During its three years of operation, the channel has accrued around 162,000 followers and more than 73,000,000 views. Sarah specializes in playing online slot machines and uploads new videos of the same everyday ay 7 PM ET.

She shares the joys and downsides of the gambling pastime posting both wins and losses. The Slotlady content is split between live streams and videos, and she also indulges in;

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • 3 Card Poker
  • Let it Ride
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em
  • Baccarat

NG Slot

NG Slot is one of the streaming channels that make earnings purely from the streaming platform YouTube and winnings from casino games. The channel runner steers clear from advertising and promoting gambling through partnering with affiliates. However, he does shy from pointing out lucrative bonuses and promotions that come in handy during real money gameplay.

The player reviews different slot machines ranging from penny to high limit pokies with stakes of between 2 and 25 dollars. The channel joined the YouTube platform in February of 2017 and has since accrued more than 140,000,000 views with 180,000 subscribers.


Fliptroniks is a YouTube channel with both videos and streams of not only gambling content but also technology. The channel began in January 2012 and has since gained 148,000 subscribers and over 81,000,000 views.

When it comes to casino games, Fliptroniks mainly centres on mobile slot games. Nearly all of the games are played on gadgets that run on the iOS operating systems. Some other contemporary categories touched on by the channel include;

  • Crypto trading
  • Popular iOS apps
  • iOS arcade gameplay
  • Gadget comparisons
  • Mobile poker games

American Casino Guide

American Casino Guide is among the oldest gambling casino channels having launched in June 2006. The channel boasts a decent following of 125,000 subscribers that have contributed more than 37,000,000 views so far.

The channel gives attention to teaching viewers how to conduct gameplay in a range of casino games by bringing them along to the gameplay sessions.

Some of the covered topics include slot game strategies, blackjack gameplay, and roulette techniques. Steve Bourie, the man behind the channel, also runs interviews with gambling experts to educate viewers on how to get the best value for their time playing their favourite games.

Vegas Low Roller

Vegas Low Roller is a YouTube streaming channel that has been running since October 2013 and has more than 62,000,000 views. The channel treats its 94,400 subscribers to slot gameplay content. The videos uploaded are of brick and mortar gameplay sessions that are mainly conducted with small stakes.

Vegas Low Rollers focuses on the wins collected during gameplay intending to show that even small bets can lead to big wins. In some cases, the player has even collected hand pay and progressive jackpots.

Rocknrolla Slots Youtube Video


TheBigPayback is a slot-oriented YouTube channel run by Tim, a gambling enthusiast. The player travels around the world to location-based casinos and gives his 88.6K subscribers a front-row seat to the action.

The slot videos are provided with the intention of not only entertaining viewers but also educating punters on game features and playing procedures. Each video has a description of the featured slot game. Some pokies featured on the channel include;

  • Reel Climb
  • Mammoth Thunder
  • Diamond Trails
  • Marry a Millionaire
  • Indian Gold
  • Clover Link
  • Life of Luxury
  • Dynamite Dash
  • 88 Fortunes

MGSlots 21

MGSlots 21 is a fun gambling channel run by husband and wife that are passionate about online slots. The platform has a community of 90.7K subscribed fans and has accumulated 61,000,000+ views since it began in 2018.

The channel earns money by not only depending on winnings from fruitful rounds but also donations from viewers. The donating option is only available during premiers and live streams, and all the transaction costs are usually covered by YouTube, which is why they are quite popular.

Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel

Rocknrolla’s Gambling Channel evolves around slots, poker, blackjack, and roulette action. The player streams his online gameplay sessions that can last more than six hours. There are also snippets of gameplay highlights, such as the moment when the right combination hits in slots or a valuable hand appear in blackjack.

Rocknrolla Slots Youtube Slots

The channel runner likes to accumulate big wins in numerous sessions and proceed to risk them all in one round of any game. He often leans towards live games such as Lightning Roulette, Dreamcatcher Live, and live blackjack.

Rocknrolla Slots Youtube Online

Parting Shot

Casino streaming has been around on YouTube for some time, but most of these channels took off in the past decade when online gambling was popularized. Some of these streamers also run accounts on platforms like Twitch and Patron.

Rocknrolla Slots Youtube

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