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Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix is one of the best Rainbow Riches games to come out in recent times. There is a more in-depth guide here, but this is for some Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix cheats and tips.
Hosted on Coral and Ladbrokes roulette machines, Pick and Mix allows you to select your favourite features from previous Rainbow Riches slot machines. There are also multiple stakes, plus a mega game stake that allows you to play for up to £50 per spin!

In this game, bronze, silver and gold pots will begin to rotate on the middle reels. Pick a pot and reveal your hidden multiplier that will increase your stake. THE LUCK OF THE IRISH AT RAINBOW RICHES. Rainbow Riches is a thoroughly charming slots game with a wonderful Irish soundtrack, a playful theme and some truly remarkable wins. A metropolis is a complete urban area with buildings and a dense population. As a project, players may find building a metropolis of their own to be an outstanding project, though it should be remembered that building a metropolis requires using a large number of resources and a lot of time. This tutorial should only be a reference, not a step-by-step lecture. You should make up your own ideas.

There are several ways to play this slot, and these Rainbow Riches cheats relate to the multiple ways you can get the most from your money.

When you first load Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix you are presented with the option of selecting up to three features, however you can select just one or two. If you select less, your chances of hitting that feature increase, so you may want to select just one or two features.

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Rainbow Riches Cheats 2018

Treat it like Pure Pots.

This Rainbow Riches cheat involves playing the slot machine exactly like it was Rainbow Riches Pure Pots. Simply select the Pots of Gold feature as your only feature, then play at £1 a spin and sit and wait. You can land up to five pots, and three can land anywhere on any of the five reels.
The benefit of this is that it avoids the other features so that your odds increase slightly, and allows you to aim solely for the highest value feature.
To get the most out of this playing method, choose the Pick and Mix with the highest pot values. Arcades, service stations, bingo halls and bookies all have this slot machine, so there is a lot of choice when it comes to looking for the highest pot values.

Select Only One Feature.

As mentioned above, choosing only one feature increases your odds of winning it. If you don’t fancy the long odds of winning a Pot of Gold, how about select only the Leprechauns or Mushrooms bonus? These will come in more often than the higher valued features, but they can still pay large amounts of money. The Leprechauns can pay up to £500, whereas the Mushrooms are limited, but the prize can be doubled if you clear the field with at least one pick left.

Play it on Mega Spins.

The roulette machines allow for a mega version of the game for up to £50 a spin. That’s a lot of money so you have to be sure it’s worth it. As above, choose your feature or features, you will then be presented with a gamble under each of your selected features. The odds will change the higher the stake but some, like Pots of Gold and Fields of Gold will still be very high odds even at £50 a spin, so be careful with that one.
Press bet and the arrow will spin and stop either in a win or lose. If you win, the feature starts, if you lose you are awarded five spins on the standard reels.
The benefit of the mega games is that it avoids the reels and gives you the chance to jump straight into the feature of your choice. The massive downside is that it can be very expensive, and even if you win the feature, you still may win less than it cost to play it!

The Rainbow Riches is among the most popular slot machine of all time. It was created by Barcrest back in 2003 and is now available on over 18 different slot machines: Pure Pots, Fields of Gold, Pots of Gold, Wild clover Community Rainbow Riches and many others.

The jackpots are lucrative ranging from 5 Euros to 4000 Euros for the casinos and can be found in diverse locations such as the sea-side amusement arcades to the high roller jackpot online casinos.

The rainbow riches cheats are highly sought after with the most popular being the 500 Euros jackpot. It was started by Rainbow Riches Pots of Gold which was the very first random progressive pot slot machine in the UK. It was followed by a number of progressive pot random jackpot machines.

The Rainbow Riches games are mainly random apart from the Wild Clover which is the 100 Euro jackpot 3 reels version of the slot. The random slots have fewer cheats than the non random since it is generally hard to manipulate a percentage which is not fixed.

As a result, the cheats that are viable exploit bugs and errors in programming like exiting the games at particular times on the multi terminals or altering the power supply of the machines at particular times during the game play.

There are Rainbow Riches cheats and hints, that can be used by regular players in an honest and fair way to increase their chances of winning.

Rainbow Riches: Pick and Mix Cheats

The Rainbow Riches Pick and Mix have the fewest of the Rainbow Riches cheats. This is an improved version of the other games with mega game options and multiple stake option.

You can choose three features to run during your game though you do not have to select all the three, you can choose only one hence increasing your chances of winning this one. The toadstools and the Road to Riches features tend to come in more frequently although their values are quite low.

If you select only the pots, the game will play like Pure Pots. The Rainbow Riches cheats and hints extend to the mega game. This is a rip off made to exploit the 50 Euros quickly.

When you start the feature, the features you chose will be on offer. Increasing the gamble amount will change the odds enabling you to see the highest valued features.

If you win, you will earn a price which can be almost the amount you paid to play the mega game but if you loose, you get 5 spins but with minimal chances of getting your original amount.

Rainbow Riches: Pure Pots Cheats

This is one of the most risky cheat in the gambling world. The Rainbow Riches: Pure Pots method can be very expensive or low costing depending on how lucky you are. The gem only works in the bookies version, where you are required to choose 20 Euro super spins which is the reason behind its costly nature.

The Super Spins are simply amazing, they increase percentages by around 2% from 92 to 94 and the biggest prize they give is making the pots sticky and wild. The stickiness works in such a way that the action comes in where the pots get stuck in place for the remaining Super Spins.

If you get one or two pots from the first whirl of the reel, you are likely to get the remainder from your other spins. The odds also increase greatly since there will be no more features and the chances of hitting a pot on any reel and not just the three in the middle.

Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold Cheats

Three pots at any point in view awards gold, silver or bronze. Four pots gold or silver and five pay 500 Euros. After a pot has been awarded, it drops lower than other versions. The rainbow riches cheats tips generally assist you to win more.

The advantages of the method are that it increases the odds by gambling on a high stake, gives you a selection of 4 terminals to select from thereby allowing you to get the highest values. It is generally very fast and you are likely to hit more pots than ever. This is among the most operational Barcrest rainbow riches cheats.

Rainbow Riches: Leprechaun’s Bonus Cheats

How To Win Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold

The leprechaun bonus is a popular one. It is an excellent feature that can earn you up to 500 Euros with as few as 3 Leprechauns. It is activated by three, four or five Leprechauns at any point of the reels.

The value for three leprechauns is about 8 to 12 Euros and this increases with four or five although this progression is random and hitting the five is so rare.

There are common beliefs lie rubbing the screen and letting it time out that are believed to help you win more but none of them seem to work consistently but they are worth trying. Anyway you lose nothing by doing the two.

Rainbow Riches: Pots of Gold Cheats

The odds for the Pots of Gold tend to work in favor of the players. The odds of the machines are kept secret but we can assume that it’s better to play the pots of gold machine when the total of the pots is high.

If one plays Pots of Gold that have the highest value of pots, the chances of winning remain the same since the odds are kept constant for every spin but hitting the Pots of Gold bonus is the key to big wins.

The best tip is to choose the slot machine that has the highest value pots since the bonus will be high. There are myths associated with this one too, that if it hasn’t paid the gold or silver for a certain period, it is due but this is not proven.

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Rainbow Riches Pots Of Gold Cheats Sims 4

The Rainbow Riches cheats and hints can be tempting but some are to be avoided. The low paying features for high costs of the chances of winning makes this one tricky.

Rainbow Riches Reels Of Gold Cheats

The Barcrest Rainbow Riches cheats can facilitate your big wins, therefore, if carefully utilized; they can increase your chances of winning big.