Overview: Kitty Glitter Kitty Glitter by IGT is a 30-payline slot, but players can select either one, five, nine, 15, or 30 paylines to have in play on each spin. The maximum line bet available depends on the number of paylines in operation, but if you play the maximum 30 paylines, then you can bet from $0.01 up to a maximum of $20 per line. Kitty Glitter is another free spins slot (like IGT's Lil Lady and Wolf Run slots plus the more recent and higher variance Diamond Queen) where the feature is triggered by getting the Bonus symbol on reels 2,3 and 4. A unique feature of the free spins are the extra wilds that are steadily added when the diamond symbol lands on reel 5.

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Kitty Glitter is a 5-reels and 30-paylines slot game brought to you by IGT, a renowned online slots developer. As the name suggests, this is a feline friendly slot game that features all the cool cats. The slot is also complete with wilds, scatters, and free spins. The game loads really fast even when on a low Internet bandwidth. Chocolate bar coin master. Kitty Glitter is an IGT slot title released in 2005 with an outstanding 225 free spins offer. Play Kitty Glitter slot machine online, free no download game on IGT slots platform and mobile casino platforms for free with no registration requirement. The slot features 5 reels and 30 paylines with a jackpot amount of 1,000 coins.

If you are a feline fan and enjoy a few spins on the slots, then you’ll no doubt be looking for the purr-fect game to play.

Kitty Glitter could well be the one that has you meowing in approval.

You’ll be glad to know that is the end of the dreadful cat-based puns as we turn our attention to this increasingly popular slot from the people at IGT.

It has a number of innovative features, including a free spins feature that you won’t find on too many other slots online in New Jersey. Let’s take a closer look at the game.

Overview: Kitty Glitter

Kitty Glitter by IGT is a 30-payline slot, but players can select either one, five, nine, 15, or 30 paylines to have in play on each spin.

The maximum line bet available depends on the number of paylines in operation, but if you play the maximum 30 paylines, then you can bet from $0.01 up to a maximum of $20 per line.

The slot features the usual 5×3 reels and as the name suggests, its inspiration is not just cats, but pampered cats (hence the few bars of “Puttin’ on the Ritz” when the slot starts).

The game features a wild symbol (the Kitty Glitter logo) plus a scatter symbol, which when landed three times or more across the reel triggers a bonus free spins round.

Who will the Kitty Glitter slot appeal to?

This slot is obviously going to be a hit with the many animal lovers of the world.

There’s also a retro feel to the slot (although whether that is intentional or not is open to debate), so fans of that style of game will be happy here.

The big money on offer from the big base game jackpot (1000x your stake), plus the free spins jackpot, make this an attractive option for bigger jackpot hunters, too.

Where to play Kitty Glitter in New Jersey

As it so happens, the Kitty Glitter online slot is as easy to encounter in the Garden State as the common house cat is.

It can be found at each and every one of the follow legal NJ online gambling websites:

Gameplay: Kitty Glitter

The first thing you’ll notice about Kitty Glitter is that while the slot is supposed to be about cats and wealth (in the vaguest sense), there doesn’t seem to have been an awful lot of time spent primping and preening the sound and graphics.

At best, they are basic, functional, and have a retro styling; at worst it looks as if this slot has been rushed to the public. But looks don’t count for everything, so how does Kitty Glitter shine when it comes to actual gameplay?

The base game is somewhat repetitive.

This is a higher variance slot, so your bankroll can be eaten away by these wealth-hungry kitties in no time at all unless you budget sensibly.

Indeed, I would argue that to get any enjoyment out of the slot, budgeting is fundamental. That’s because most base game wins are small, often just a fraction of your total bet, and of course, these wins simply mean you lose money at a slower rate.

There is the occasional bigger win (and the promise of a 1000x win if you can hit the biggest base game combination), but these are generally rare so the base game simply becomes something you play to get to the free spins round.

Things do improve during free spins. You trigger this by landing three or more scatters across the reels to trigger an initial 15 free spins, which can be increased up to a massive 225 free spins (although most bonus rounds are considerably shorter).

The best feature of the free spins round is the diamond symbol, which can be collected on the fifth reel for each of the cats. Complete a collection for a cat and for any remaining free spins, that cat symbol will be wild on the reels, too.

You can of course complete more than one cat symbol to send more than one symbol wild alongside the usual wild.

You need to land three diamonds to turn White Persian cats wild, six to turn orange tabby cats wild, nine to have calico cats wild, and 12 will turn all Siamese cats wild. All these symbols are wild only across the second through fifth reels.

This feature is how you can unlock the bigger wins in the free spins round, and indeed is the biggest selling point of the slot.

Special features: Kitty Glitter

Wild symbol

The in-game wild is the Kitty Glitter logo that can replace any of the higher or low symbols across the reels to help create winning paylines.

The more wilds you land, the better your chances of a decent payout on a payline.

Play kitty glitter online

Free spins

Land three or more of the scatter symbols (a bowl of diamonds) and you can trigger 15 free spins, which can be re-triggered up to 225 free spins.

Additional free spins wilds

During free spins, collect the diamond symbols on the fifth reel to turn cat symbols wild in addition to the usual wild. This can increase your chances of a significant win during the free spins round, especially if you can turn multiple cat symbols into wild symbols.

Play Kitty Glitter

What works?

Free spins bonuses

The free spins bonus feature of collecting diamonds is the star feature of the game and can help you land some of the bigger wins in the slot.

It also adds a level of excitement to the game which isn’t really present in the base game.

Big win free spins

The bonus feature during free spins means that the potential for bigger wins always tends to come in the free spins round. Although the bigger wins are rare, you can earn a good chunk of cash even from a mid-range win.

Decent base game win potential

You can win up to 1,000 times your payline bet during the base game by landing five Persian cats on a payline. That said, I have not been able to land this while trialling the game.

What doesn’t?

No multipliers

A lack of multipliers anywhere in the game does hamper payouts, especially during the base game when those smaller payouts can quickly eat into your bankroll.


To be honest, the presentation of the slot is sorely lacking. This may well be one of IGT’s oldest slots, and it is showing its age, especially against some of the more modern slots available.

Very small base game wins

As we’ve mentioned before, those small base game wins of less than your total bet soon start to grate on your nerves. With free spins being hard to hit, this
can be an expensive slot to play.

The scores

[wp-review id=”6375″]

Graphics and soundtrack 1/5

Having recently reviewed another cat-themed slot (see the end of this review for links to other kitty slot reviews), I was quite disappointed with the graphics and soundtrack on the game.

The graphics are very basic, almost from the era of 8-bit graphics, while the sounds are simply generic slot sounds from a number of other IGT games.

Hardly inspiring.

Originality and creativity 3/5

Although the presentation is very poor, there are some nice touches.

I’m mostly talking about the bonus feature in free spins, which can really help land some massive payouts on occasion. They lift the originality factor to a midway point, but other than that there’s nothing particularly innovative on the slot.

Play value 2/5

Kitty Glitter, like some cats, is a bit of a temperamental beast. Catch her on a good day and she can reward with a fantastic jackpot win.

However, most of the time this cat’s claws can dig deep into your bankroll and render it quickly asunder.

Jackpot potential 3/5

There are some good-sized wins awaiting you in free spins if you can trigger some of the additional wilds available. When you do, Kitty Glitter starts to show her great side.

If you are a fan of games that only reward a few bigger winners now and then with a decent jackpot, this is a game you’ll enjoy.

Repeat play 1/5

Those small base game wins soon start to eat into your bankroll, as often you win back less than you spend.

That, combined with free spins rounds that are difficult to hit, means that I won’t be rushing back any time soon.

Total score 10/25

I’m afraid this kitty didn’t glitter too brightly for me. There are some decent points in the slot, a big potential base game win, and occasional free spins wins, but getting to them can prove very costly.

There’s just not enough on the slot to keep you engaged and wanting to hit the bonus features.

If you’re a fan of feline-themed slots, believe us when we say there is no shortage of them available to NJ online casino players. To learn about other games in this genre, don’t miss our reviews of OMG! Kittens and the game simply called Cats.

  • Play this popular IGT slot on your desktop and mobile
  • Pamper yourself when you hit the jackpot of 1,000 coins
  • Lucrative bonus round where you can win up to 225 free spins

Released in 2013 by IGT, Kitty Glitter wins you over with its brilliant features and fuzzy mascots. This cat-themed slot, designed by Big Fish Games, gives all its attention to patient players with its medium to high volatility and 94.9% RTP rating.

Read this Kitty Glitter review to find out everything you need to know about this popular title and where to play Kitty Glitter for real money.

Kitty Glitter Slot Information
Provider IGT
Volatility Medium
RTP 94.9%
  • Free Spins
  • Wild Symbols
  • Scatter Symbols
Paylines 30
Reels 5
Minimum Bet (all lines covered) $0.30
Maximum Bet $150
Top Win $50,000

Where to Play Kitty Glitter?

You can play Kitty Glitter at these online casinos 100% legally in New Jersey:

  • Caesars

Kitty Glitter Symbols and Payouts

This title features five reels with three rows, and there are 30 paylines available for a single spin. Furthermore, a winning combination comes from matching three or more symbols from left to the right.

Along with four different cat symbols, you’ll come across a profitable wild as well as scatters that can propel you into a bonus round.


Video slot graphics have come a long way in recent years, so you’ll need to forgive Kitty Glitters’ aged look.

As you might’ve guessed, the cats are the main attraction here, so it’s only fair they represent the higher valued symbols in this slot.

Play Kitty Glitter

There are four fuzzy pet icons, each with a different color coat, include white, ginger, tabby, and a Persian feline. You’ll come across the usual card values such as Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and ten for the lower-paying symbols.

There’s a wild symbol represented by the Kitty Glitter logo that only appears on reels two to five. In addition, the wild replaces any of the standard icons.

What’s more, you can come across a scatter in the form of a big shiny diamond. Land on three or more of these symbols, and you’ll enter the bonus round.


The big white fluffy cat is the highest valued symbol in the game, providing a staggering 1,000x your original stake if you land on five of a kind.

Next, the ginger feline awards a 750x multiplier for five matching icons, with the tabby kitten offering 400x your initial bet. The Persian cat is the weakest picture icon, giving you 300x your wager.

All card values provide the same 100x payout when you acquire five matching symbols, except for the Ace, offering you a slightly higher multiplier of 125 times your stake.

Kitty Glitter Min/Max Bets

Upon starting the game, you have the option of selecting your preferred betting amount. The minimum wager per line is 0.01 coins, so you’ll need to bet 0.3 tokens to cover all paylines.

If you plan to go big, there’s a maximum bet of 150 credits for a single spin. There’s no autoplay function available, meaning you’ll need to spin the reels every time manually.

Kitty Glitter Rtp, Volatility And Hit Frequency

This title from IGT has a medium to high volatility rating, rewarding players who can exercise a level of restraint and patience.

Plus, the Kitty Glitter RTP is 94.9%, with a 2.7 hit rate.

In a nutshell, you stand a chance of earning higher payouts if you can wait for the bonus stage.

Kitty Glitter Jackpot And Maximum Win

If the cat gods smile down on you, you have a chance of winning a maximum of 1,000 times your initial bet.

That means if you place the highest wager possible, you can walk away with $150,000.

To win this fixed jackpot, you’ll need to land on five matching white kitty symbols.

Kitty Glitter Features

In this section, we’ll take you through the exciting features included in this title. These features are:

  • Wilds
  • Scatters
  • Free spins

Wilds, Re-spins And Other Base Game Features

The base game has one wild symbol that multiplies your winnings. Additionally, you’ll encounter an additional wild when you reach the bonus round.

Kitty Glitter Casino Game

There are no re-spins or any other special features in the base version.


You’ll recognize the wild straight away as it takes the form of the Kitty Glitter logo. This symbol appears on all the reels except the first one, replacing all other icons except for the diamond scatter.

The wild multiplies your winnings by three, making it a favorable sight on the reels.

Kitty Glitter Free Spins

One of the best ways to acquire big wins in this slot is by accessing the free spins round. To do this, you’ll need to land on three diamond scatter symbols.

You’ll start with 15 free spins but can earn up to a whopping 225 spins if you land on additional scatters. In the bonus round, the diamond symbol acts as a wild.

Collect three of these precious stones, and you’ll turn the adjacent tile into a wild too.

Graphics And Sound

As mentioned before, Kitty Glitter’s graphics lack the quality and refinement you’ve come to expect in slot games.

However, given the title’s age, one will have to look past the slightly pixelated images to see it for the gem that it is.

There’s a brief jazz-like tune that starts off the game; other than that, you won’t come across any more music.

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Kitty Glitter Review - Conclusion

If you can get past the aged graphics, then Kitty Glitter offers brilliant winning possibilities. You’ll need to keep your cool and bet big in the free spin rounds, though.

It lacks some of the more exciting features that you’ll find in new releases, and there’s no storyline to follow. However, given its simplicity, both cat lovers and general slot enthusiasts should find this title lucrative and fun.

Hello Kitty Glitter

Head on over to any IGT online casino now to play Kitty Glitter for real money.