Pay Dirt Free Games Pick Feature. Pay Dirt slots Pick Feature is activated when 3 Pay Dirt scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels: Select 1 of the 3 Pay Dirt symbols to activate one of the 3 following features; Gold Rush; once revealed awards 12 free.

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About Paydirt!

Is a 5-reel, 25-line online slot game with a progressive jackpot, bonus round, download, bonus spins, instant play, autoplay, video slots, wild symbol, scatter symbol, mobile gaming, gold and mining themes you can play at 103 online casinos. Is an amazing five reel slot machine featuring great payouts and impressive graphics for an amazing adventure online. Offers three exciting features filled with.

Ahhh, the Gold rush, when anyone with a few sticks of dynamite and an old plate could head off into the hills to blast and pan his way to a fortune. The work was tough and lonely, but you always had your trusty mule to carry your gear and listen to your jokes.

Playing Paydirt! casino game is a whole lot more fun than real prospecting, with 25 lines of gold-plated action and three different bonus games that will leave you hollerin’!

How to Play Paydirt!

Just select how many lines to play, from 1-25, and how much to bet per line, from 5 cents to 5 bucks. Then hit “Spin”.

Game Controls

Bet Per Line

Use the up and down arrows to adjust the amount you want to bet per line – from 5 cents to $5 per line.

Lines Selected

Use the up and down arrows to choose how many lines you want to play per spin, from 1-25.


Hit the “Spin” button when you’re ready to blow up that first stick of dynamite.


Use “Autoplay” if you’d rather not hit “Spin” each time yourself. Just pre-set it for the numbers of automatic spins you want to play, then sit back and watch.


Any time you need help in the game, just select the “Help” button. It will bring up all the details about winning combinations, complete slot game rules and bonus round information.

Symbols & Characters

Scatter symbols

Paydirt! signs are the scatter symbol. Just hit 3 or more to win.

Wild symbols

The Gold Nugget symbols appear grouped on reels 2 and 4 during normal games, and substitutes for all other symbols, except scattered Paydirt! signs.

All prizes are tripled when one or more Gold Nuggets substitute in a winning combination.

Getting to the Bonus Rounds

Paydirt! features three different bonus games!

Hit 3 or more scattered Paydirt! signs to trigger the bonus rounds. Once the feature is triggered you pick a sign which will then reveal which bonus round you’ll receive.

Playing the Goldrush! Feature

12 free games are awarded during which grouped Gold Nuggets can appear on any reel.

Any 3 or more Paydirt! signs appearing during these free games will award an additional 12 free games.

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Playing the Gold Fever! Feature

5 free games are awarded during which reel 3 is made up entirely of Gold Nuggets.

Any 3 or more Paydirt! signs appearing during these free games will award an additional 5 free games.

Playing the Strike it Lucky! Feature

5 gold mines are revealed. Select one to reveal a bonus symbol. Roblox free play online no download. Additional picks may be awarded, with each selected gold mine revealing an additional bonus symbol.

10 free games are then played, during which any bonus symbol appearing will be replaced by a Gold Nugget before prizes are awarded.

Any re-trigger will add 10 free games to the current free game series.

Additional Rules

All symbols pay left to right except scattered Paydirt! signs, which pay whenever they appear.

Wins on different lines are added

Scatter wins are added to line wins

Scatter wins are multiplied by total bet

Line wins are multiplied by bet per line

Highest win only on each line

Maximum win per paid spin, is 50,000 times bet per line

Random Jackpot contribution is no more than 1.5% of total return to player

Random Progressive Jackpot


This game features a jackpot. It’s random and can be won at the conclusion of any spin. And it’s progressive, so it gets bigger and bigger the longer it goes without being won.

The story behind the game

Free To Play Casino Slots

Remember the dot com boom? When people with no particular skills or talents somehow made millions of dollars just by getting lucky? Well, back in the 1800s there was something quite similar – it was called the Gold Rush. People from thousands of miles away rushed to the Western frontier, to California, in search of gold, adventure and a nice saloon in which to drink whiskey and shoot card cheats.

Paydirt! hearkens back to those heady days, but this time you’re searching for that big strike with nothing but your wits and your mouse-clicking finger to help in your search.


Scatter Symbol: Symbols that pay no matter where they land.

Random Progressive Jackpot: A jackpot that is awarded randomly, and that increases in value until it’s won.

Autoplay: Pre-setting your slot machine with a set number of automatic spins. This way you don’t have to hit the “Spin” button each time you want to play.

Paydirt Free Slot Casino

Casino Slots Free

Feature/Bonus game: This means a number of spins you get to play for free, but where you still get to keep anything you win.

Paydirt is old slang for a source of riches you find by chance and helps you pay your debts, or turns you into a millionaire. It is also a slot machine game by RTG (Real Time Gaming) designed with playful cartoons from the Gold Rush era. Join our cheerful miner and his trustworthy companions of a dog and a horse into the mines of the Old West. There is also a villain on the loose, but this one will earn you some pennies. The biggest feature from this game aside from the interactive bonus round is the progressive jackpot that hits randomly, meaning you do not need to place the highest bet to trigger it. The game is available to play as a free demo for try outs and on all devices like pc, smartphone or tablet.

The Reel and Symbols

The gold mining themed slot game features happy sound effects and tunes that keep you in the story line. This is a 5 reel with 25 pay lines slot game to choose from. Bets start from $0.01 and can be increased progressively to $5 dollars per line, giving you a maximum bet of $125 dollars per spin. A nice characteristic of the Paydirt slot reel is the stop feature. Just stop the reel while it spins like the classic slots used to do. This adds a level of controlled chance on your part. Gold Nugget: The Wild card. The wild works just like the scatter by standing as any other symbol and will pay triple. It pays a little bit less than the scatter, but it will be your key to win big when you trigger it on line 1 and 5 respectively. Paydirt Guy: Scatter symbol. Our hero of the game is the scatter, which means he will connect any other symbol on the reel and help you win more and bigger by multiplying the winnings. The more you get Paydirts on the screen the more you win. Winnings go from 2x, 20x and 200x of your total bet plus you activate one of the three special features. Mine entrance: This is the highest paying symbol, get 5 of these on a line and you can win the 10,000 max jackpot. Miner: 2500 coinsBandit: 3000 coins Other symbols: donkey, dog, TNT, lantern, picket, gold plate, gold cart

Paydirt Progressive Jackpot

The progressive jackpot can be activated at any time without even placing the highest bet, it is 100% random. Its amount can climb big, but it is usually in the $10,000 dollar range. If it rises above it and nears $15,000 you might want to play this game by then for high chances of winning.

Bonus Round

The bonus round is activated with three scatters on the reel. This is the Pay Dirt guy. After you do, the reel will stop and you may select one of three options:
  • Gold Fever: Will give you 5 free spins and reel 3 will be a wild.
  • Gold Nugget: The reel just keeps on going normally but now the Gold Nugget symbol can appear on any reel when before it only did on two reels.
  • Gold Rush: This feature will award you 12 free spins

Strike it Lucky Feature

This is a special feature that might come out from one of the scatter cards. It will take through a video chance game of 5 gold mines where you randomly select mine doors and could win big.

Paydirt Autoplay Mode

Autoplay allows you to set the reel and bet to play automatically for as many spins as you like. This is a proper feature if you get lazy to spin the reel manually and the bet size is not changing. This mode can be set with different conditions and stopped at any moment.

Paydirt Free Slot Casino Game

Play Paydirt on your mobile

You can play Paydirt from any of our sponsored casino directly from your mobile device, and it is suitable for iPhone, Android, Black Berry and other devices like tablets.

Paydirt Final Review

Casino Slots Games Online

Paydirt slots is the classic style slot machine way of play but with modern design. It is more suitable for new or low-risk players that like to keep bets low. This is because no large bets are required to trigger the jackpot and the minimum bet starts from $0.01 and move on by 1 digit in comparison from many other slots that require a minimum of $0.02 and 5 digit increases. The down side is the small progressive jackpot that ranges around $10,000 dollars, which is descent but can´t compare to 5 progressive jackpots that sum up more than 1 million dollars like in Spirit of the Inca Slot game.