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Have you ever wanted to visit Las Vegas just to play those exciting casino gambling games? Or maybe you don’t like to play with your luck and gambling is not for you?

I can’t pay you a trip to Las Vegas, but if you are searching for a great app just to have fun and feel like you are at one of the casinos in Las Vegas, this app might help you.

As described on their web page by using Jackpot Party you can bring the full (being more honest just a part) of the Vegas experience wherever you go just using your Smartphone.

Keep reading this article and in the end, you’ll discover a legit hack to easily get free coins for Jackpot Party Casino without using any shady cheats or coins generator. But before telling about my honest hack to get tons of free coins quickly, I’ll write a short review explaining what is Jackpot Party Casino and how does it work.

What is and how do Jackpot Party Casino work?

Basically, Jackpot Party Casino is a very popular app for Android and iPhone that you can download and install for free that offers a virtual experience of a Casino, at least this is essentially what is described at their download page.

There are several games, jackpots, and features available to earn coins, prizes, and real money:

  • Spin the wheel game
  • Slot machines & fruit machines
  • Slots games
  • Just to name a few, there are others.

How to get started using the Jackpot Party Casino game?

The first step is to download and install the game on your cellphone. Jackpot Party Casino is available for Android and iOS and you also can play the game directly on your Facebook account.

To download the app, just go here on the download page and you’ll be redirected to the download page.

After you had it installed, you can immediately start playing the games and jackpots slots without any other additional step.


As stated on their terms of service you must be 21 years old and it’s not clear, but it looks like people from the United States are not allowed to use this app.

My legit Jackpot Party Casino hack to earn tons of coins for free

My Jackpot Free Coins

Honestly, I don’t enjoy playing any type of casino games (I have other hobbies), but the fact is that from what I hear these types of Casino games are very addictive and fun, so it’s a great source of entertainment for many people when they are at home.

And for being so fun and addictive there’s a huge number of people desperate to get free coins on Jackpot Party Casino. So you might be asking if there’s a legit way to earn tons of free coins for Jackpot Party Casino?

As I explain above there are fake hacks promising to give you unlimited free coins on Jackpot Party casino, but they are not worth your time.

Below are two honest “hacks” that are real and can give you almost unlimited free coins for Jackpot Party Casino:Guts casino no deposit.

  • 6,000,000 free coins as a bonus just for installing the Jackpot Party Casino app on your phone: But have in mind that this is available on your first install. So if you think that you could easily cheat the app installing and uninstalling, this dishonest will not work and you’ll only waste your precious time.
  • Referring new users to join Jackpot Party Casino: They used to offer referral bonuses every time that you invite someone to join Jackpot Party using your referral code. Bonuses can vary from time to time, the last time I heard they were giving you £20 per referral. Just pay attention that this value can change at any time.
  • Promo codes: if you check their Facebook or Twitter account, you’ll notice that they constantly give Promo codes and you can easily earn tons of free coins.

Jackpot Party Casino Bonus Coins

Is there a Jackpot Party Casino app hack to download to generate unlimited coins?

If you make a search on Google you will find some shady websites offering a free hack to download that promises to work as a coins generator, that possible could generate unlimited coins for Jackpot Party Casino app…

My small advice: stay away from any cheats, hack apk or Jackpot Party Casino software promising to give you unlimited free coins and slots to play on this game, simply because they are all fake and will not work.

Many of them will ask you to complete a survey to unlock the full download of the hack, and with no survey completed you will not be able to download their fake and stupid free coins hack, codes, cheats or apk coins generator for Jackpot Party Casino.

This tip is valid if you are using the app on Android or iPhone and even on Facebook.

Another issue that you should be careful is that if you find a glitch using Jackpot Party Casino on Facebook, you have a remote chance to have your personal data on Facebook stolen if you use it to play the game, so it’s important to not reveal and important info your Facebook profile.


Jackpot Party Community Free Coins

If you think this is a fun app and are looking for a legit way that really works to get free coins on Jackpot Party Casino, my recommendation is to use the honest hacks described above.

Free Coins Jackpot Party Bonus Collector

On the contrary, using any shady hacks will be a waste of time and the only way to get more coins and slots is by buying them or referring new users to this app and earn the bonuses.