Becoming a Bingo Chat Host If online bingo is in your blood, then a job as a chat host could be your calling. When you play with Mecca Bingo, you will likely spot the great work done by our Chat Moderators (CMs) in the online forums. Licensed and regulated by The Gambling Commission under licence 2396 for customer playing in our land-based bingo clubs. Mecca Bingo is part of the Rank Group. MECCA® and the MECCA logos are registered trade marks of Rank Leisure Holdings Ltd. Please gamble responsibly. To play and win chat games you must be logged into the chat room, have tickets in play for the Bingo game & have deposited a minimum of £10 within the last 30 days. Any one player may have a maximum of 3 chat games credited to their account in any one day. Winners of chat games are decided by the CH based on what they see on their screen. Mecca help chat worst ever had 1 horrific experience that meant nearly got blocked because of the attitude of 1 member of chat staff. It shows that 1 bad apple in the company can spoil your reputation. Was disappointed as normally chat ok and good to help.

One of the best things about bingo is playing with friends, cheering them on when they win, and have a giggle as you play. That’s true whether you’re down at your local Mecca Bingo hall or playing online – thanks to our online bingo chat rooms.

We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the online chat in our bingo rooms, from picking the perfect username to joining in and having fun. So, let’s get started!

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If you’re completely new to online bingo, you’ll want tocheck out our fullguide on getting started.

Bingo chat rooms: What to expect

Every time you joina bingo room from the bingo lobby, you’ll see the bingo room pop-up. On theleft, you’ll find game info, purchasing options, tickets and what balls arebeing called. And on the right is our chat room!

The chat roomitself is easy to use. Each player has their own username, which you’ll see onthe left, with messages just to the right. To get involved, just type in thebox below or hit the smiley face icon to add an emoji to your message!

If you see a userwith ‘CH’ before their name, that’s one of our friendly chat hosts – you can meet the whole team here. Our hosts are there to chat with you, make sure everyone follows the chat guidelines and introduce chat games and offers –giving you extra chances to grab a win!

How to pick a username

Before you join achat room, you’ll be asked to pick a username. It can be anything, we just askthat you don’t include rude words or try to impersonate other people in thechat. Apart from that, the choice is yours!

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Struggling to thinkof anything? Fear not, we’ve created a fun bingo username generator to help youfind your perfect name:

Chat room etiquette: Dos and don’ts

Our chat rooms are there so we can all have some fun, have a chat and enjoy playing bingo together. So with that in mind, we have some tips to make sure everyone can enjoy themselves.

Free games to play online for free. If you’re totally new to bingo chat, you might find a few of the abbreviations a little confusing – have a look at our Bingo Lingo blog to guide you through all the acronyms from 1TG to WDW.

Below we’ll take you through the basic etiquette for how to act in a bingo chat room. For the full lowdown, you can also read our guide to bingo etiquette.


  • Do: Say hello! If you’re new, don’t be shy – our Chat Hosts can’t wait to welcome you into the fold!
  • Do: Be nice! Mum always said; ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. That also applies in chat rooms. Remember, the nicer you are to people, the nicer they’ll be to you.
  • Do: Celebrate when you win!
  • Do: Congratulate other players.
  • Do: Tell us how your day is going.
  • Do: Only chat in English please. While your language skills are really cool, we want everyone to feel included.


  • Don’t: Be rude or negative to other players – our community is supportive and friendly. We know it can be disappointing when you don’t win, but please don’t take it out on your roomies! And no one likes ‘same winner’ comments.
  • Don’t: Spam! Sometimes it’s easy to get carried away, especially if you’re excited, but please leave space for everyone else to talk too!
  • Don’t: Insult, harass, bully or argue with other roomies. If you do, you’ll be banned from the chat.
  • Don’t: Use a false identity or impersonate other roomies. We like you just the way you are!
  • Don’t: Swear or use indecent or sexual language – it can easily embarrass and upset your fellow roomies. And it goes without saying, please choose a tasteful chat name.
  • Don’t: Swear or use Caps Lock. When someone types at you in all caps – IT CAN FEEL LIKE YOU’RE BEING SHOUTED AT!
  • Don’t: Discriminate. We won’t tolerate any kind of discrimination.
  • Don’t: Advertise or promote other companies in the chat.
  • Don’t: Ask to be given money or harass our Chat Hosts.

And remember, any free bingo rooms or free game sessions operate a zero tolerance policy of these rules. Any players violating them will be removed by the Chat Host immediately, without warning.

Our Chat Hosts

The Chat Hosts arethere to help you have fun, help you out if needed and even run the occasional chatgame with the chance to win a little something extra. Find out more about our Hosts here.

So, remember thesepoints when using the online chat:

  • Our Chat Hosts are there to help, so pleaserespect them and remember that their decisions are final and not up for debate.
  • Chat Hosts award chat game winners based onwhat they see on their screens.
  • Chat Hosts have the right to remove chat forany offence with or without warning, although they usually do give some warningfirst. Beware though – they’ll immediately remove chat if you use abusive oroffensive language or bully your fellow roomies.
  • Our Chat Hosts can take away your chatprivileges if you keep breaking the rules and ignore our advice and warnings.

Everyone comes to Mecca to have a good time, so you’ll be in good company in our chat rooms. Have fun, make friends and take part in the games. You’ll love being part of the community at!

Don’t forget that your username and password are case sensitive. Try entering them again if you think you might have made a mistake. If you still can’t login, you can get your details emailed to you by clicking the button.

Withdrawing your money from Mecca Bingo is really easy. All you have to do is click on My Account once you have logged in, click Cashier and then click Withdrawal. Then, it’s just a case of following the on-screen instructions. The minimum amount that you can withdrawal is £10 (except when you are closing an account). Please note withdrawals can take between 1 to 3 working days to appear in your account depending on who you bank with.

We automatically put the sign up bonus in your account within an hour of you spending your first deposit on bingo. If your deposit isn’t there please check that you have played through all of your deposit. Also, please double-check that you have played on bingo and eligible games. We’re sorry that some games don’t qualify for the Sign Up Bonus. You can find them in the Sign Up Bonus terms and conditions.

All you have to do is hit the Join Now button. From there it’s really easy; just follow the step by step guide. Please make sure all your details are correct, if you make any mistakes your account may be suspended while we verify your details. Don’t forget, you have to be over 18 to open an account with Mecca Bingo.
Depositing into your Mecca ccount is really easy. All you have to do is click Deposit in the My Account section. The smallest amout you can deposit at one time is £5. You can use any of these: Credit / Debit cards: VISA, Mastercard, Maestro. Others: VISA Checkout, PayPal, paysafecard. Payments will appear on your statement as 'MECCA'.

There are 2 easy ways to find your local club. Use our handy club finder and type in your postcode or local area. Click the nearest club button on the club finder and let your device's GPS do all the hard work.

The times and prices for sessions change between clubs. To find out the most up to date information check your local club page.

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The staff at our clubs are happy to help and will always try to answer your questions. To find out the most up to date information check your local club page.