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When it comes to buying the latest mobile phones and accessories in Nigeria, it is difficult to look beyond SLOT Nigeria price list. Although there are many more online and conventional mobile phone stores across the country today, SLOT has built a lasting reputation of great customer service and delivering the best mobile phone and relative accessories to its customers. Buying a mobile phone is one thing, purchasing the mobile phone from a reliable source is another.

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These days, everyone wants the latest phone at an economical price. No one wants to go out of his or her budget. SLOT is one of the few online mobile phone stores that offer interesting deals that make the purchase affordable for the customers. In fact, they are rated among the cheapest e-commerce mobile phone stores in the country.

When it comes to buying the latest mobile phones and accessories in Nigeria, it is difficult to look beyond SLOT Nigeria price list. Although there are many more online and conventional mobile phone stores across the country today, SLOT. My name is Brian Christopher, and every day, I post new daily videos of myself playing slot machines in the casino. You'll see some wins, some losses, some jackpot handpays, high limit slots, max.

It is easy to see why Nigerians have embraced this mobile phone store. From the moment the store kick-started many years ago through the moments it dominated the commercial mobile phone store industry in Nigeria, it was always certain SLOT wants the best for its customers with affordable deals and reliable smartphones.

Do you want to know how much mobile phones cost in SLOT? You are in the right place, reading the right information. In this post, we will take a look at prices of various mobile phones in SLOT Nigeria today.


SLOT Nigeria Prices of Mobile Phones

SLOT is regarded as the home of mobile phones in Nigeria. The e-commerce and conventional store houses the best and lasts of mobile phones across the country. Although they are not totally spread across the country yet, they are available in popular cities and areas all over the country. They have multiple stores across Lagos, Port Harcourt, Enugu, FCT, Owerri, Benin and other popular cities in the country. For ease, their e-commerce store can also be accessed, and they deliver across the country.

Let us take a look at prices of various mobile phones in SLOT today. Latest prices of mobile phones are also updated on the store’s website. It is advisable to confirm the prices of these mobile phones before purchasing them. The variation in the prices of smartphones listed below is as a result of certain factors which include inconsistent currency exchange rate and period of purchase. Betpawa app apk download. Usually, prices of mobile phones are higher during festive seasons, vacations, and towards the end of the year.

SLOT Nigeria – Prices of Samsung Phones

  • Samsung Galaxy A01 16+2GB N44,500 – N47,500
  • Samsung Galaxy A10s N55,500 – N58,500
  • Samsung Galaxy A2 Core 16GB N30, 500 – N32,500
  • Samsung Galaxy A20s 2019 N69,000 – N72,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A30s 2019 N86,000 – N90,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A51 2020 N126,000 – N130,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A71 6GB+128GB N173,000 – N178,000
  • Samsung Galaxy A80 2019 N200,000 – N210,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Fold N880,000 – N900,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 N345,000 – N355,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Lite 6GB/128GB N220,000 – N230,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ N446,000 – N460,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 N365,000 – 375,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra N500,000 – N520,000
  • Samsung Galaxy S20+ N400,000 – N420,000
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 N168,000 – N175,000

SLOT Nigeria Price List for Apple Phones

  • iPhone 11 Dual SIM N390,000 – N460,000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Dual SIM N535,000 – N635,000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Dual SIM N595,000 – N780,000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max Single SIM N585,000 – N760,000
  • iPhone 11 Pro Single SIM N525,000 – N670,000
  • iPhone 6s Plus N175,000 – N215,000
  • iPhone 7 N190,000 – N260,000
  • iPhone 7 Plus N210,000 – N360,000
  • iPhone 8 128GB N255,000 – N265,000
  • iPhone 8 256GB N275,000 – N285,000
  • iPhone 8 64GB N235,000 – N245,000
  • iPhone 8 Plus N275,000 – N340,000

SLOT Nigeria — Huawei Phones Price List

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  • Huawei Media Pad T3 10″ N84,500 – N90,000
  • Huawei Media Pad T3 7″ N50,500 – N53,000
  • Huawei P30 Lite N102,000 – N105,000
  • Huawei Y3 2018 N34,000 – N35,000
  • Huawei Y9 2019 N47,500 – N50,000
  • Huawei Y5 Lite N36,000 – N37,500
  • Huawei Y6 Prime 2019 N51,900 – N54,000
  • Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 32GB/2GB N63,900 – N66,000
  • Huawei Y7 Prime 2019 64GB/3GB N66,900 – N70,000
  • Huawei Y9 2019 N91,900 – N95,000
  • Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 N94,500 – N100,000
  • Huawei Y9s N108,800 – N115,000

SLOT Nigeria Prices of Infinix Phones

  • Infinix Hot 8 32GB/2GB N48,000 – N50,000
  • Infinix Hot 8 32GB/3GB N50,500 – N52,000
  • Infinix S5 128GB/6GB N79,000 – N82,000
  • Infinix S5 64GB/4GB N68,000 – N70,000
  • Infinix S5 Lite 32GB/3GB N56,500 – N58,000
  • Infinix S5 Lite 64GB/4GB N60,500 – N62,000
  • Infinix Smart 4 16GB/1GB N38,000 – N39,000
  • Infinix X620 Zero 6 64GB/6GB N102,500 – N105,000

SLOT Nigeria — Nokia Price List

  • Nokia 105 Dual SIM N7,500
  • Nokia 210 N14,000
  • Nokia 3.1 N36,500
  • Nokia 4.2 N45,000
  • Nokia 5.1 N60,000
  • Nokia 6.2 N90,000
  • Nokia 7.2 N120,000
  • Nokia C1 N26,500

SLOT Nigeria — Tecno Phones Price List

  • Tecno Camon 12 Air 32GB/3GB N54,000
  • Tecno BB2 POP3 N28,000
  • Tecno Camon 11 Pro N67,000
  • Tecno Camon 12 N58,000
  • Tecno Camon 12 Pro N73,500
  • Tecno Camon 15 64GB/4GB N68,000
  • Tecno F1 N21,000
  • Tecno Phantom 9 N91,000
  • Tecno Pouvoir 3 Air Plus 64GB/4GB N59,500
  • Tecno Spark 4 32GB/2GB N43,000
  • Tecno T484 N8,800
  • Tecno T528 N8,000

SLOT Nigeria — Xiaomi Phone Price List

  • Xiaomi Mi 9T 128GB/6GB N139,500
  • Xiaomi Note 10 128GB/6GB N213,000
  • Xiaomi Note 10 Pro 256GB/8GB N235,000
  • Xiaomi Redmi Go 16GB/1GB N25,000
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 128GB/4GB N81,000
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 128GB/6GB N104,000
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro 64GB/6GB N95,500

SLOT Nigeria — Oppo Phones Price List

  • Oppo F11 Pro Avengers N119,000
  • Oppo A1K 23GB/2GB N46,900
  • Oppo A5 2020 64GB/3GB N59,900
  • Oppo A5 2020 128GB/4GB N79,900
  • Oppo A9 128GB/8GB N99,900
  • Oppo F11 Pro N119,000
  • Oppo Reno 2 N179,000

SLOT Nigeria — Gionee Phones Price List

  • Gionee L1000 N8,900
  • Gionee M11 64GB/4GB 49,000
  • Gionee M6 Mini N22,800
  • Gionee P10M 26,800
  • Gionee S11 Lite N39,000
  • Gionee S8s N39,500
  • Gionee X2 N40,500

SLOT Nigeria — Vivo Phones Price List

  • Vivo Y11 N62,900
  • Vivo Y12 N72,900
  • Vivo Y15 N79,900
  • Vivo Y91C N52,900

SLOT Nigeria — iTel Phones Price List

  • iTel A16+ N18,300
  • iTel A56 N26,100
  • iTel S15 16GB/1GB N29,600

SLOT Nigeria Laptops – Price List

  • Apple Macbook 12″ N550,000
  • Apple Macbook Air 13″ 128GB (2018) N550,000
  • Apple Macbook Air 13″ 256GB (2018) N600,000
  • Apple Macbook Pro 13″ 128GB (2018) N600,000
  • Apple Macbook Pro 13″ 256GB 1.4GHz Retina (2019) N680,000
  • Apple Macbook Pro 13″ 256GB 2.4GHz Retina (2019) N870,000
  • ASUS X407UA-BV720T N165,000
  • ASUS X409FA-EK041T N260,000
  • ASUS X512US-EK223T N205,000
  • ASUS X540NA Celeron 4GB/500GB N105,000
  • Dell Inspiron 14″ Core i3 N180,000
  • Dell Inspiron 15″ Core i7 N300,000
  • Dell Inspiron 15″ Core i3 4GB RAM N175,000
  • Dell XPS 15″ Intel Core i7 N620,000
  • HP 15″ Celeron Notebook 4GB/500GB 103,000
  • HP Elitebook 1040 G4 Core i7 N530,000
  • HP Elitebook 840 G5 8G/512GB SSD N405,000
  • HP Envy 15″ X360 Core i5 N450,000
  • HP Envy X360 15″ DR0037nia N510,000
  • HP Envy X360 15t-CN100 N560,000
  • HP Gaming Laptop Intel Core i5 N330,000
  • HP Gaming Laptop Intel Core i5 16GB N360,000
  • HP Gaming Laptop Intel Core i7 N390,000
  • HP Notebook 14″ Core i3 N157,000
  • HP Notebook 15″ Core i5 8GB/512GB SSD N270,000
  • HP Pavilion 11″ X360 N185,000
  • HP Pavilion 14″ Intel Core i3 N260,000
  • HP Pavilion 14″ X360 N290,000
  • HP Pavilion 15″ Core i7 N398,000
  • HP Pavilion 15″ Intel Core i3 N255,000
  • HP Pavilion 15″ X360 Core i5 N290,000
  • HP Pavilion X360 14″ dh0038nia N290,000
  • HP Probook 11″ G1 EE X360 N127,000
  • HP Probook 440 G5 Core i5 N255,000
  • HP Probook 450 G3 Core i3 N230,000
  • HP Probook 450 G5 Core i5 N255,000
  • HP Sceptre X360 13.3″ Convertible N670,000
  • HP Sceptre X360 15.6″ Convertible N670,000
  • Lenovo Yoga 260 Core i5 N450,000
  • Lenovo Ideapad 310 Intel Core i5 N217,000
  • Lenovo Ideapad 310 Intel Core i7 N315,000

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