The tea party is one of the most famous scenes from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. But there are always nuances in the scene depending upon the specific movie.

The most recent depiction comes from the 2010 hit film Alice in Wonderland, starring Mia Wasikowska and Johnny Depp. This scene shows the Mad Hatter and March Hare having tea in a murky, swamplike setting.

Alice mad tea party

Alice Mad Tea Party Game

Disney’s 1951 version of the same titled movie offers a much different depiction, with Alice stumbling onto a lighthearted party that features dancing teapots and the Mad Hatter spilling teaeverywhere. WMS’s Alice and the Mad Tea Party closely resemble this version.

The Mad Tea Party

You see Alice sitting on top of the reels with a beam of sunlight shining down upon her. You’ll also see oversized plants growing to the left and right of the reels along with trees decoratingthe top of the screen.

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The reels are more compact than most slots games to make room for all of the scenery. But the 3×5 grid isn’t so small that you can’t distinguish the symbols.

Alice Mad Tea Party

Every time that you spin the reels, an angelic sound plays before launching into xylophone music at the end. The sound effects perfectly match the scene surrounding the reels.